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          Helping employees to grow is our consistent concept. Through a series of measures, we can continuously improve employees' post competence and promote their career development. The improvement of employees is the value of kebu!
          Always adhere to the "people-oriented" management concept, adhere to the distribution principle of more work, more work, more profit, the establishment of competition and incentives combined with the employment mechanism, personnel training, committed to training a large number of professional, technical and management talents, promote the steady development of the enterprise.
          Life needs to hone, kebu technology with a broad mind to welcome the creators of the future world - you, come to kebu technology display talent!
          Pay equal attention to knowledge and ability, personality and commonality blend!
          We are a vigorous and energetic team with high performance. You are a group of unlimited potential, looking forward to the success of high-quality talent; Today you and I hand in hand, create tomorrow brilliant!
          If you have a strong interest in the crane machinery industry, if you are satisfied with the future, if you are creative, then join us.
          Join kebu, to provide you with a broad development prospects, create a broad career platform.
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